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Ahad, 3 April 2011

happy bday my frEn :)

special for my fren | amanina fatin binti yusoff |


soe..xda hadiah..mtek au pulai un tlew celebrate k? hehe

akew nda taew bk subet special wish..akew nda pandai madak au touching2..so,kw prepare idak2 ucapan gk au..pilih lh gn wk berkenan..ahahaha :D

  1. Hoping your wishes come true year after year
  2. Wishing you all the best in the year to come.
    May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors.
    And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come.
  3. Although I can't wish you a happy birthday in person; I will spend the whole day with happy thoughts of you.
  4. Wishing you many more good and prosperous years
  5. Wishing you good health and happiness in life
  6. Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true
  7.  wish for you to have people to love, people in your life who will care about you as much as I do. Happy birthday.
  8. I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished, but I’m more proud that you’re my friend. Happy birthday.
  9. According to Emerson, it is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. Let’s be stupid today. Happy birthday
  10. Happy Birthday
    I wish God bless you…
    With all joy and cheers…
    May you live a long life…
    May you get all good thing in your life…
    May you have happy days and nights…
    May all your dreams come true…
    May all your desires be fulfilled…
    May you spreading happiness everywhere…
    Stay away from every sorrow and grief…
cukup ka?hehe..walaupun yn suma copy n paste..p kw ikhlas u..huhu..
btw,HEPY BDAY FREN..tq coz being my gud fren..THANK YOU..THANK YOU..THANK YOU :D
friendship never end~ ^_^

P/S :: pstt2..smuneh bday sai oi? hehee :p

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